Diabetes Canada has developed tools for people living with diabetes as well as healthcare professionals supporting their patients. In October 2020, Diabetes Canada updated its clinical practice guideline regarding the pharmacological glycemic management of type 2 diabetes in adults.


Participants joined Susie Jin, CDE, CRE, RPh for a one-hour educational webinar and learned how pharmacy teams can use Diabetes Canada and Fit4Diabetes websites, amongst others, to support people living with diabetes.


This educational event is a part of the commemoration of 100 Years of Insulin discovery and is brought to you by Ascensia Diabetes Care and BD. View additional resources and learn more at opatoday.com/100yearsofinsulin.

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Susie Jin is a practicing community pharmacist, Certified Diabetes Educator, Insulin Pump Trainer, Continuous Glucose Sensor Trainer, and Certified Respiratory Educator. In addition to working in a community pharmacy where she specializes in diabetes care, she serves as an appointed member on the Expert Committee of the Canadian Diabetes Association, 2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines, as well as an appointed member of the Steering Committee of the Canadian Diabetes Association, Dissemination and Implementation Committee for the 1998, 2013 and 2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines.