Ontario pharmacy professionals are playing an increasingly significant role in helping to protect the public from influenza through the Universal Influenza Immunization Program (UIIP). Since pharmacies began to provide flu vaccines in the 2012/13 season, the percentage of doses administered in Ontario by pharmacy professionals has steadily increased each year from 8.83% in the first year to approximately 50% in 2020/21. The positive uptake signals that the public is ready to turn to pharmacy professionals for a range of healthcare services — all of which demonstrates the tremendous value pharmacy professionals provide to our healthcare system.

On this page, members will find forms and resources (e.g., screening questionnaires, consent forms, promotional material) to help plan and administer their fall flu shot program, in addition to tools and checklists to assist them in properly preparing for cold chain inspections. This page will also provide pharmacists with easy access to important links and resources.

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