Term Life Insurance

Protect your family’s financial future and ensure your dependents have the support they need in the event that you or your spouse pass away.

What is Term Life Insurance?

Tragedy can affect anyone at any time, provide your family and loved ones with the financial security and protection they deserve. Term Life Insurance provides a financial line of defense to help burdens in the insured person passes away. These flexible insurance plans provide a broad range of coverage and allow you to select the benefit amount that you feel is appropriate to help discharge any financial obligations during a challenging time. 

Highlights of Benefits: 

  • Coverage is available from $25,000 up to $1 million for Desjardins and $2 million for Manulife. Your beneficiary has the flexibility to allot expenses how they choose
  • Financial security for family and dependents
  • Competitive and affordable group rates 
  • Select coverage from leading providers, Manulife OR Desjardins 

Underwritten by Desjardins Financial


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