Protect your family’s financial future and ensure your dependents have the support they need in the event that you or your spouse pass away.

Make an investment with your loved one’s future in mind. You select the benefit amount that you feel is appropriate to assist loved ones and to help discharge any outstanding financial obligations such as debts and taxes during a challenging time. The Ontario Pharmacists Association’s term life insurance offers some of the most competitive rates in the market place. Our team of top-ranking life insurance experts ensure we provide an extremely well-managed, cost-effective plan, which helps our members obtain insurance coverage at the best prices.

When you choose OPA Term Life Insurance, you are getting a program developed for pharmacists, by pharmacists. Our program is managed and underwritten by Desjardins Financial and administered and overseen by the Ontario Pharmacists Association, so you receive personalized service from us. If you have questions about your coverage or if you ever need to make a claim, we’re here to help.

Coverage and Benefits

This insurance provides pharmacy students, interns, assistants and technicians who are participating as volunteers in a pharmacy-related work program with benefits while they are on the job. Benefits include:

Ability to purchase various limits in $5,000 units. Starting at $25,000.

Eligible to pharmacy students, interns, pharmacy technicians, pharmacists and spouses below age 65 years.

Provides flexible coverage

Financial security for family and dependents

Competitively priced

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Best-in-class insurance for OPA members

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