Effective September 1, 2011, pharmacists wishing to provide smoking cessation support to Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) patients under the Ministry of Health’s pharmacy-based smoking cessation program are required to complete a smoking cessation training program in order to be eligible to receive funding for their expertise and professional services in this area.


The Ontario Pharmacists Association offers an online continuing education program which provides pharmacists with an overview of concepts and best-practice approaches currently used in the management of smoking cessation by healthcare professionals. Practical information on how to set up and run a smoking cessation clinic is also presented to assist pharmacists who are interested in starting such initiatives. The information provided through the online program, as well as the OPA Smoking Cessation Toolkit, is intended to guide pharmacists through the standards and documentation involved in the ODB smoking cessation program.


The Association’s smoking cessation online program meets the Ministry’s training requirement.


An overview of the pharmacy-based smoking cessation program is available on the Ministry of Health’s website.


Implementing Smoking Cessation Services in the Pharmacy – Toolkit

Communication tools to assist with dialogue among healthcare professionals:

Tools to help organize and run a smoking cessation program:

Promotional Tools to help advertise and create awareness of a smoking cessation program:

Tools and supplementary information to help you assist patients who want to quit smoking:

Forms and communication tools for patients:

Forms for processing smoking cessation claims through the MOH:

Algorithms and decision making tools – External Resources: