This webinar focused on how pharmacists can support medication adherence in patients with chronic medical conditions. Taking medications for chronic illness is a complex process and individual medication experiences, personal values, beliefs and stigma can all impact why individuals may have concerns about taking specific medications (or any medications) for chronic illness. Medication hesitancy is a reality for many patients and pharmacists are ideally positioned to engage them in conversations to understand how medication related beliefs may be impacting their desire to start new medications and to adhere to these medications over the long term.

This session took a cased based approach to optimizing patient care. The therapeutic focus will be ADHD, as this condition lends itself well to exploring several factors that may contribute to medication hesitancy in patients and their families.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, participants were able to:

  1. Describe the concept of medication hesitancy and how it may impact patient adherence and health outcomes. Identify patients who may be experiencing medication hesitancy
  2. Engage patients in conversations regarding medication experience
  3. Respond to patients’ medication concerns in a supportive way
  4. Guide patients towards starting and adhering to medication using motivational interviewing techniques

This webinar is supported by an educational grant from Takeda Canada.