Pharmacy professionals play an important role in improving the overall health of patients experiencing respiratory illnesses. More than ever, patients are seeking information from their pharmacy regarding pneumococcal protection, respiratory health, and COVID-19 immunization.


On April 8, 2021, Tiana Tilli, adult immunization expert and Clinical Pharmacist, led a complimentary live webinar where she discussed how to identify and help patients maintain their respiratory health, respiratory-related immunization, the effects of COVID-19 on at-risk patients, and more.


The interactive webinar uncovered:

  • Importance of optimizing respiratory health and pneumococcal immunizations (e.g. NACI recommendations)
  • How to Identify appropriate patients and how to have effective conversations
  • Answers to frequently asked questions, including addressing vaccine hesitancy, timing of vaccines and the role of the pharmacist and pharmacy technician as demonstrated through case studies
  • Easy to access tools and resources

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Thank you to Pfizer for supporting OPA in bringing Tiana Tilli, the author of our PD program, Protect Your Patients Now as a speaker. Tiana Tilli is a clinical pharmacist and lecturer at the University of British Columbia’s Pharmacists Clinic and has years of practical experience and knowledge to share.



Tiana received her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Toronto. While earning her degree, she participated in national and international advocacy efforts while interning at the World Health Organization (WHO), Ontario Pharmacists’ Association, and St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor in Gulu, Uganda. Upon graduating, Tiana completed a hospital pharmacy residency at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. Tiana has held the position of Director of Pharmacy Innovation & Professional Affairs at Whole Health Pharmacy Partners, where she led the banner’s adult immunization program. Tiana is currently a clinical pharmacist and lecturer at the University of British Columbia’s Pharmacists Clinic. Tiana is passionate about optimizing the role of pharmacists and providing patient-centered care.