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Relief Buddy is a real-time staffing app that connects pharmacy professionals with relief opportunities. Whether you are a pharmacist, technician, assistant or student looking for relief opportunities or an employer seeking qualified candidates to keep your business operational, Relief Buddy is a convenient, mobile-first service that can assist you.

As an exclusive offer to OPA members Relief Buddy will waive 25% of their administration fees and pass it on to the members who pick up relief shifts through their app.  

Download the Relief Buddy App today!

Benefits for pharmacy professionals:

  • Create your candidate profile in a few easy steps and make updates on your mobile device.
  • Get all the information and details about the relief position in the app and avoid back and forth emails and phone calls caused by more conventional staffing services.
  • Choose when and where you want to work and take control of your hourly rate.
  • OPA members will be recognized on the app with the OPA logo beneath their name.
  • As an OPA member you will be receiving 25% of the administration fee that Relief Buddy charges the employer. This means pharmacists will earn approximately an extra $1 per hour!

See the table below for sample hourly rates that pharmacists can earn on Relief Buddy:

Non-Member Rate

$ 40.00

$ 45.00

$ 50.00

OPA Member Rate

$ 41.11

$ 46.25

$ 51.39

Additional earning per hour for OPA members

$ 1.11

$ 1.25

$ 1.39

Benefits for pharmacy owners and managers:

  • Post a job, add all requirements including certification and software knowledge requirements easily and conveniently on your mobile device.
  • See detailed candidate information, including resumes, for faster and more efficient screening process
  • Exclusive offer for OPA members makes your job more appealing to top-level pharmacy professionals.
  • All major payment options including e-Transfer are accepted. Receive an electronic invoice for easy tracking and record keeping.

1The presented figures are some samples of current pharmacist hourly rates. Rates will differ for other roles. Relief Buddy charges a 10% administration fee on the rate offered by the employer. When an OPA member is matched with a job on their platform, they will pass an additional 2.5% of the offered rate to the member.

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