Targeting Fats for Cardiovascular Health Bundle

Effective management of lipids is key in cardiovascular health. Learn how you can help patients manage their lipids and ways you can work with physicians to improve patient outcomes.



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This bundle focuses on an important factor in cardiovascular health: lipids. Managing lipid levels is key to maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle and pharmacists are well-positioned to help patients. After completing this bundle, you will have the knowledge on the latest guidelines for lipids. You will also gain skills in effectively collaborating with physicians and in motivational interviewing to understand and help patients reach better outcomes.

Bundle includes:

  • Dyslipidemia
    (1 Hour)
  • Motivational Interviewing
    (0.25 Hour)
  • Healthy Heart Lifestyle
    (0.5 Hour)
  • Collaborating with Family Physicians: The Rx for Success
    (1 Hour)

Bundle at a glance:

  • Online
  • 2.75 hours to complete
  • Exclusive learning content not available to purchase elsewhere

Development team:

  • Laura Murphy, PharmD, BScPhm, ACPR
  • Laura Tsang, BScPhm, ACPR, PharmD
  • Roland Halil, PharmD, ACPR, BScPharm, BSc(Hon)