Supporting Membership

All pharmacists aged 65 and over, OR pharmacists who are not practicing in Ontario due to one of the following:

1)     receipt of long-term disability benefits,

2)     resignation from the College, or

3)     practicing in another province or country.


Non-pharmacists who would like to support the OPA and the pharmacy profession and want to receive member benefits.

If you are interested in purchasing PLI for pharmacists, call us at 416-441-0788 toll-free: 1-877-341-0788 for prorated premium.

Membership expires Dec. 31, 2021

$213.00 for 1 year



Why you should join:

Supporting pharmacists are a unique subset of our member segment, and as a result have the opportunity to take advantage of OPA’s benefits that speak to your needs at this stage of your career.

The number one reason that pharmacy professionals join OPA is to be part of a collective voice that advocates on behalf of the pharmacy profession. Together, we have changed the pharmacy profession and improved the healthcare system for our patients. But, we’re not done yet. The next few years in Ontario healthcare will bring unlimited potential for pharmacy. It’s never been more important to raise our voices and be heard. Make your commitment to be part of the next wave of healthcare in Ontario by joining or renewing your membership with OPA.

More than 40 professional development programs are offered by OPA – most of them approved by the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) including, the upcoming program on common ailments prescribing. Purchase one or more of four PD Bundles with your membership and save up to $210.

OPA has recently created even more opportunities to learn with the launch of the Pharmacy Matters podcast and The Right Dose webinar series. Also, OPA’s popular conference will return in a virtual format in 2021.

All OPA members now have access to OPA’s network of pharmacy experts who can help answer your practice and policy questions. Whether you’re wondering about how new scope changes can be implemented into your practice, about proper documentation for a MedsCheck, a challenging billing question, or anything in between,  pharmacy practice experts are available to help.

OPA offers 13 lines of insurance [Check number on new website] to help keep pace with the changing landscape of pharmacy. OPA members get discounts on professional liability, store insurance, and personal insurance like health and dental, out-of-country emergency medical, term life, and more. OPA’s Professional Liability program is $172/year – the most affordable insurance  and comprehensive coverage within the pharmacy profession – with the option of up to $5 million in coverage.

OPA is committed to helping pharmacy professionals through-out their careers.  Members get access to tools and resources to help them stay up-to-date  with current pharmacy topics, and assist with successfully interpreting and implementing government policies and College regulations. OPA publishes on-demand tools to help pharmacy professionals better care for their patients including, discussion tools on improving anti-microbial resistance, responding to and preventing robberies, tapering and switching patient medications, store-level posters for naloxone, flu, and OHIP. New tools are continually being developed as topics emerge for today’s pharmacy professionals.


  • Pharmacists 65 years of age and over also have the option to select the Pharmacist or Owner/Manager categories
  • Out of Province: Includes only those pharmacists practicing outside Ontario regardless of whether they are also licensed in Ontario. Pharmacists who live outside Ontario but practice at an Ontario location should choose the Pharmacist category
  • Supporting categories are not eligible to vote at OPA’s annual general meeting or for board elections. If this is important to you, select either the Pharmacist or Owner and Managers category

Benefits of membership:

  1. Industry leading professional liability insurance, pharmacy insurance, and other financial products
  2. Professional development and networking opportunities
  3. Conveniently reach a community of pharmacy experts and have difficult practice questions solved through our Practice Support Network
  4. Save on clinical reference tools to support your entire pharmacy
  5. Gain the same access to savings, discounts, and affinity program partner offerings as other membership categories