Student Membership

All students participating in a full-time undergraduate or graduate pharmacy program. The program does not need to be located in Ontario.

Note: U of T first year students (2025 graduating year) can get free OPA membership until the end of the 2021 by calling OPA at 416-441-0788/1-877-341-0788.

Membership expires Dec. 31, 2021

From: $45.00 for 1 year



Why you should join:

Your OPA membership will be the most important investment you can make at this early stage of your career. By maintaining an OPA membership as you begin or advance your education, you will support the launch of your career with a strong network and critically important professional development resources.

The number one reason  pharmacy professionals join OPA is to be part of a collective voice that advocates on behalf of the pharmacy profession. As the future of the profession, students contribute significantly to this voice. The perspectives and enthusiasm of Ontario’s pharmacy students will help impact and bring important changes to the pharmacy profession and Ontario’s healthcare system. Make your commitment to be part of the next wave of healthcare in Ontario by joining or renewing your membership with OPA.

More than 40 professional development programs are offered by OPA – most of them approved by the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) including, the upcoming program on common ailments prescribing. Purchase one or more of four PD Bundles with your membership and save up to $210.

OPA has recently created even more opportunities to learn with the launch of the Pharmacy Matters podcast and The Right Dose webinar series. Also, OPA’s popular conference will return in a virtual format in 2021.

The options for a career in pharmacy are limitless. Whether you’re working as a pharmacist on the front-lines helping patients manage their healthcare, providing expertise in an academic or industry setting, advocating for the profession in a stakeholder capacity, or some other way – a career in pharmacy can take you in many different directions. OPA can help advance your career with our job postings, find a relief shift with Relief Buddy, or help you network with your colleagues.

 Additionally, only OPA members get access to apply for intern positions or occasional part-time and casual work with the Association.

In addition, only OPA members may apply for intern positions or occasional part-time casual work with the Association.

All OPA members now have access to OPA’s network of pharmacy experts who can help answer your practice and policy questions. Whether you’re wondering about how new scope changes can be implemented into your practice, about proper documentation for a MedsCheck, a challenging billing question, or anything in between,  pharmacy practice experts are available to help.

OPA’s Professional Liability program for students and technicians starts at $29/year – the most affordable insurance with comprehensive coverage in the pharmacy profession. OPA also offers 13 lines of insurance to help keep pace with the changing landscape of pharmacy. OPA members get discounts on professional liability, store insurance, and personal insurance like health and dental, out-of-country emergency medical, term life, and more.

All undergraduate students get free travel health insurance included in their membership.


OPA is committed to helping pharmacy professionals through-out their careers.  Members get access to tools and resources to help them stay up-to-date  with current pharmacy topics, and assist with successfully interpreting and implementing government policies and College regulations. OPA publishes on-demand tools to help pharmacy professionals better care for their patients including, discussion tools on improving anti-microbial resistance, responding to and preventing robberies, tapering and switching patient medications, store-level posters for naloxone, flu, and OHIP. New tools are continually being developed as topics emerge for today’s pharmacy professionals.


  • Undergraduates are based on expected pharmacy undergraduate degree year.
  • Documentation may be required for students in a Masters, residency or IPG program.
  • Graduate students include Masters students and post-grad PharmD students and are all assumed to be licensed pharmacists with the College.

Benefits of membership:

  1. Industry leading professional liability insurance to protect you whether you are on rotation or working outside of school.
  2. Earn more per shift with Relief Buddy
  3. Extensive list of professional development programs discounted for members
  4. Access to internship and casual work with the OPA
  5. All undergraduate students get free travel health insurance included in their membership