Pharmacy Services Bundle

Enhance your pharmacy service opportunities and your impact on patients. This set of courses will teach you about valuable services you can provide to your patients and effective ways to communicate with them.



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Pharmacists are moving away from a product-focused model to a service-focused model. You have an opportunity to provide valuable services to your patients as they grow more aware of what you can offer. In this bundle, you will learn about two growing service areas, travel health and immunization, in the post-pandemic environment. You will also learn how to elevate your service level with techniques and strategies that can positively influence your patient’s care and behaviour. After completing this bundle, you will have the knowledge to implement these services in your pharmacy in a way that will have an effective outcome for your patients. 

Bundle includes:

  • Delayed Departure – Travel Health in a Post-Pandemic World
    (1 Hour)
  • Implementing Pharmacy-based Immunization Service
    (0.75 Hour)
  • Motivational Interviewing
    (0.25 Hour)
  • Communication and Counselling Strategies
    (0.75 Hour)
  • Teaching for Effect
    (0.25 Hour)
  • Critical Appraisal Skills for Pharmacists
    (1.25 Hours)

Bundle at a glance:

  • Online
  • 4.25 hours to complete
  • Exclusive learning content not available to purchase elsewhere

Development team:

  • Laura Murphy, PharmD, BScPhm, ACPR
  • Lori MacCallum, BScPhm, PharmD (CDE)
  • Gail MacNeil, RN (BNSc, MEd, CDE)
  • Joanne Lewis, RD (CDE)
  • Fabio De Rango, RPh (CDE)
  • Dr. Jennifer Lake, RPh (PharmD, PhD)
  • Alina Lalani, RPh, BCGP (PharmD)
  • Jen Baker, MBA, RPh, CTH
  • Kim Miller, RN, MScN
  • Karen Church, BScPhm, RPh, CTH
  • Kelly Haggerty, BScPhm, RPh, CTH