Nutrition Essentials for Pharmacists (Metro)

Learn how nutrition training can impact your patients overall health.




Pharmacists interact with their patients about the optimal use of medications every day. As a result, there are many instances where pharmacists are in a unique position to provide great value in the areas of nutrition. Proper nutrition can complement the medications patients are using and improve their overall health.

Patients who are managing their diabetes or asthma are particularly in need of nutritional advice. A change in their diet can have a significant impact on the medications they are taking.

This course will help pharmacists better manage various disorders by providing wholesome treatment plans that not only focus on medication or drug therapies but also diet.

This course explores the role that nutrition plays in the health outcomes of patients. It addresses basic nutrition questions, directs patients to reputable resources, and provides value added services.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how nutrition training can improve overall health outcomes for your patients. 

Course outline:

  • Online Module
  • Multiple-choice Exam
  • Program Evaluation

Course at a glance:

  • 6 CEUs
  • Available until 14/02/2022
  • Online
  • Accreditation: 1214-2019-2885-I-P
  • Completion requirement: Complete the course’s online modules and achieve a score of 70 per cent on the multiple-choice exam.

Who should take this course:

Pharmacists who want to learn more about nutrition essentials and how nutrition training can improve overall health outcomes for their patients.

Development Team:

  • Honey Bloomberg, MHSc., RD