Digital Disruption and Impending Changes – Ideas for Survival

Learn how digital disruptions will affect the viability of your pharmacy business and what you can do about it.  


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Alberta has the broadest scope of pharmacy practice and the most comprehensive reimbursement opportunities.

Pharmacists must position themselves as essential healthcare providers and bring enough value to patients to ensure the stability and viability of their pharmacy practice in this era of technical disruption.

Carlene Oleksyn, a practising community pharmacist in Alberta who holds prescribing authorization, is a Certified Travel Health pharmacist and is a Certified Diabetes Educator, delves further into this topic in this presentation.

Carlene discusses changes that are happening in pharmacy as a result of technical disruptions, shares how further digitization can impact your practice, and provides you with viable solutions.

Carlene offers practical examples on how you can start to provide value to your patients to prepare for the future ahead.
(Please note, this course was formerly titled, Expanded Scope: Pharmacy’s Hope)

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the scope of pharmacy practice in Alberta.
  • Discuss disrupters to the sustainability of pharmacy practice.
  • Examine whether patients find value in the current structure of pharmacy.
  • Explore how to take pharmacy practice into a viable future.

Course outline:

  • Module: Digital Disruption and Impending Changes
  • Program Evaluation

Course at a glance:

  • 0.75 Hours to complete
  • Available until 30/09/2022
  • Online
  • Completion requirement: Complete the course’s online modules and program evaluation.

Who should take this course:

Pharmacists who want to learn how digital disruptions and impending changes will affect them and their business.

Development Team:

  • Carlene Oleksyn, RPh, CDE, CTH (B.S.P)