The Pharmacist of the Year Award 2021 is presented for outstanding achievement, implementing new or expanded services in practice, and facing difficulties with unwavering strength while remaining committed to outstanding patient care. 


The Pharmacist of the Year Award 2021 has been awarded to All Pharmacy Professionals.  


Notable mention to the individual nominees for this award. 


Antony Gagnon 

“During COVID, while most physicians were working from home, Antony continued to see patients in person. He also delivered insulin supplies and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to patient’s homes so they could decrease their risk of COVID exposure. While most offices were closed and could not dispense NRT, Antony volunteered to dispense all NRT for the entire HFHT centrally. When the call went out for pharmacy support in administering COVID vaccines in Hamilton, Antony was the first to answer it.” 


-Mandip Khela, Pharmacist and Former Hospital Representative on the OPA Board

Kristen Watt  

“Kristen provides outstanding patient care daily in the programs she has implemented in her pharmacy, as well as her other professional activities. As a member of the region’s Palliative Care Outreach Team, she consults on cases for palliative patients across the Grey-Bruce region. She regularly collaborates with family physicians working at her local hospital for medication-related questions, as well as working with the local hospice as a consultant pharmacist. She administers injectable antipsychotics and allergy shots to patients who are unable to travel to see their specialist regularly, which is particularly important in a small community such as hers where a patient’s physician may not be in the same town.” 


– Katherine Scott, Pharmacist  

Kyro Maseh 

“Kyro’s patient care is outstanding. When a college student in Toronto, away from university because of COVID sheltering, couldn’t go back to get their meds he made an extra effort and called to various suppliers to get the correct version so that the transfer sorted out in time, so they didn’t miss their regular dose. This is not an unusual occurrence. He is always proactive and on top of the health news of his patients. He always gets back to patients quickly with updates if there are issues or delays. His knowledge of drug types and interactions is amazing.” 


– Eric Morrison, Former President at The Canadian Press, and Former Director-at-Large on the OPA Board