The opioid crisis has proven to be a major public health concern with the continued rise in opioid-related deaths and its significant economic impact on the health care system. To help combat the opioid crisis, there is a need to develop and implement alternative strategies for decreasing the risk of opioid overdoses and the progression to opioid use disorder. Community pharmacists are well positioned to play a greater role by providing effective opioid stewardship, which can include effective patient education to improve pain management, appropriate prescribing and dispensing of opioids, and reducing potential opioid misuse, abuse and harm.

The Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA), through funding from Ontario Health, is in the process of developing a multi-component, evidence-based pain management intervention which will be implemented in community pharmacies.

Through the development, implementation, and evaluation of this pain management intervention, OPA hopes to showcase the need and value of a standardized, publicly funded pain management program for Ontarians.

Currently, OPA is seeking pharmacy professionals, prescribers, knowledge experts, and those with lived experience who are interested in being a member of the advisory group responsible for supporting the development of this pain management program.

For more information about the Opioid and Pain Management in Pharmacy Program (OPMPP) please refer to the resources below including an application to become an advisory member (note: application deadline Sunday November 27, 2022). 

OPA is committed to evolving the pharmacy profession and is working to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system while leveraging the unique expertise of pharmacy professionals and enabling them to practice to their fullest potential. To learn more about OPA click here.