This year has been significant and groundbreaking for the pharmacy profession in several ways. Pharmacy professionals have had to face new and expanded services implemented into practice and navigate through unexpected changes, all while remaining adaptable and providing patient care in-person and virtually.  


At the 2021 OPA Virtual Conference Award Ceremony, the OPA Board and staff chose to grant the 2021 Pharmacist of the Year award to all pharmacy professionals. The award is a way to acknowledge, thank, and recognize each pharmacy professional for their unwavering commitment to the profession, their patients, and their communities.  

As a critical and valuable part of the healthcare system, the key role pharmacy professionals have played during the pandemic is being recognized by the public and this momentum will continue into the future.


OPA has developed various versions of the HERxO digital award badge and there are so many ways to share. You can add the badge as a frame to your Facebook profile photo and share it across other social media platformsThere is also an electronic signature that you can add to your email, you can share your accomplishment as a social post, or you can complete them allWe want all pharmacy professionals to be celebrated and feel like the true HERxOs they are!


Below you can find information on how to claim your own badge.



Show Off Your Award on Social Media

Profile Photo Frame on Social Media
  1. Visit
  2. Click Choose a Photo 
  3. Add your profile photo and adjust so it’s in the center of the frame 
  4. Click Next
  5. Click Download and the photo will save to your computer 
  6. Add the photo as your profile photo. Click the social media channel for instructions on how to add a profile photo:
Social Media Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  1. Select your preferred social media graphic 
  2. Include a caption and add #OPAAwardWinner 
  3. Share as a photo post on your social media 

We’ve prepared some sample social media messages you can use.

Social Media Cover or Background Photo
  1. Save the Award-Cover.png to your device 
  2. Click the social media channel to learn how to add as a cover photo: 

Update Your Email Signature

Outlook Web Version
  1. Save the Award-Email Signature.png to your computer  
  2. Go to 
  3. Click Sign in and enter in your email address and password 
  4. Click the cogwheel symbol in the top right for Settings 
  5. Search for Email Signature and click 
  6. In the Edit Email Signature Name Box enter “OPA Award” 
  7. Enter in your name and contact details in the box below 
  8. Click the photo icon in the bottom left  
  9. Select the Award-Email Singature.png image and click Open 
  10. Click Save 
  11. Under Select default signatures choose OPA Award from the dropdown For New Messages: and Replies/Forwards:  
  12. Click Save and then exit by clicking X on the top right 
Outlook Desktop Version
  1. Save the Award Email Signature.png to your computer  
  2. Open Outlook on your computer 
  3. Click File and then Options  
  4. The Outlook Options box should pop-up click Mail  
  5. Click Signatures… 
  6. The Signatures and Stationery box should pop-up click New 
  7. Type in “OPA Award” in the box and click OK 
  8. Enter in your name and contact details in the box  
  9. Click the insert an image icon (to the right of the Business Card) 
  10. Select the Award-Email Signature.png and click Insert 
  11. Under Choose default signature (top right) choose OPA Award from the dropdown For New messages: and Replies/forwards:  
  12. Click OK on the Signatures and Stationery box to close  
  13. Click OK on the Outlook Options box to close 
  1. Save the Award-Email Signature.png to your computer  
  2. Go to  
  3. Enter your email and password to sign in  
  4. Click the cogwheel icon on the top right for Settings and click See all settings 
  5. Under the General tab scroll down to Signature 
  6. Click + Create New 
  7. Enter OPA Award into the Signature Name box and click Done 
  8. Enter in your name and contact details in the box 
  9. Click the mountain icon to insert an image 
  10. Click Upload and Select a file from your device 
  11. Select the Award-Email Signature.png and click Open 
  12. Click on the image in the signature box and click Large to adjust the size 
  13. Under the signature box go to Signature defaults and select OPA Award from the dropdown for both FOR NEW EMAILS USE and ON REPLY/FORWARD USE 
  14. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes 

If you need assistance with adding your HERxO award badge, contact [email protected]