Each take-home naloxone kit should be assembled in a durable, sealable case or container and must contain the following elements:

Each intra-nasal naloxone spray kit must include:
Each injectable naloxone kit must include:
(1) – Hard case(1) – Hard case
(2) – Doses of Narcan® Nasal Spray (4 mg/0.1ml)(2) – 1 ml ampoules or vials of naloxone hydrochloride 0.4 mg/ml injection
(1) – Rescue breathing barrier(2) – Safety engineered syringes with 25g, 1″ needles attached
(1) – Pair of non-latex gloves(2) – safe ampoule-opening devices (also known as breakers, snappers, or openers),
as applicable
(1) – Card that identifies the person who is trained to give the naloxone: Naloxone Acknowledgement Card(1) – Rescue breathing barrier
(1) – Updated instructional insert (English)OR (1) – Updated instructional insert (French)(1) – Pair of non-latex gloves
 (1) – Card that identifies the person who is trained to give the naloxone: Naloxone Acknowledgement Card
(1) – Updated instructional insert (English)OR (1) – Updated instructional insert (French)
In addition, OPA recommends:In addition, OPA recommends:
(1) – Belt clip(1) – Belt clip

The Ontario Pharmacists Association has assembled the following list of required kit components and supplier options in the event that pharmacists are unable to procure some or all of the elements through their usual suppliers. This is not a comprehensive list; the list will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Kit ElementSupplier**ProductDetails
Pre-packaged Naloxone KitsMcKesson CanadaFull KitAvailable only to McKesson clients
Shoppers Drug MartFull KitAvailable only to SDM pharmacies
PharmasystemsKit without drugMust register as a customer
Marchese PharmacyFull KitObtainable though the pharmacy to pharmacy transfer mechanism. Must have a pharmacist licence number.
Carrying CasePharmasystemsNaloxone CasePlease contact for pricing
Amazon.caHardcover Pencil CaseCost: $3.99 + $4.99 Shipping each
Belt Clips/Carabiner Hooks (Recommended)Amazon.caHook Buckle KeychainCost: $5.24 / 20 pieces (minimum 20)
Rescue Breathing BarrierCanadian Safety SuppliesCPR Disposable Face Mask With One-Way ValveCost: $1.55 each
PharmasystemsCPR Life Mask Face ShieldPlease contact for pricing
Keybo Medical16%O2 CPR Barrier in sealed Credit Card size polybag$109.00/200 pieces
Non-Latex GlovesVariousVariousCheck via your wholesaler/Pharma supplier
Syringes: (25-gauge, 3ml safety syringes with 1” to 1½” needles)VariousVariousCheck via your wholesaler/Pharma supplier
Ampoule SnapperPharmasystemsDisposable Ampule Breakers100 per package. Please contact for pricing
Ampule cracker for 1-4 ML ampules
Wheaton Via CanadawideAmpule Snapper for 1 and 2ML sizesContact for pricing
Naloxone / NarcanVariousNaloxone HCl 0.4mg/mL ampoulesPlease contact your pharmacy supplier
Naloxone HCl 0.4mg/mL vials
Narcan® Nasal Spray 4mg
(DIN 2458187)
Naloxone Acknowledgement CardOPA WebsiteTraining Acknowledgement card: Naloxone Acknowledgement CardMust be included in Naloxone kit
5 STEPS TO RESPOND TO AN OPIOID OVERDOSEMOHLTC5 Steps to Respond to an Opioid Overdose:
Must be included in Naloxone kit
5 Steps to Respond to an Opioid Overdose:

* The Association recommends that pharmacists order kits and/or naloxone through their usual wholesaler or licensed distributor to ensure proper handling of product during shipping and transportation.  If pharmacies are not able to obtain pre-packaged kits from these distributors they may choose to assemble their own or contact a local pharmacy who is able to procure kits to inquire about a pharmacy to pharmacy transfer.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: The following is not a comprehensive list of suppliers and OPA does not endorse any of the suppliers listed. Pricing and product codes accurate as of March 21, 2018