OPA members receive $10 OFF the Patient Relationship Management Platform. Applied to the monthly fee. 

Make your pharmacy more than just a vaccination site!

MedEssist works by not only referring patients to you through bookmyshot.com and other patient portals but turns these one time appointments into patient relationships by easily enabling patients to refill or transfer their prescriptions within the same workflow.

Simplify and modernize everything you do by having new prescriptions, refills, transfers, COVID-19 testing, patient communications, and much more… all organized on one single screen.

Receive $10 OFF the monthly subscription fee with the promo code OPAME75 


Increase appointments using customized websites to refer patients to pharmacy services such as transferring and sending prescriptions during registration and appointment receipts.


Revenue opportunities when eligible patients are prompted for HPV, shingles and pneumococcal vaccination status and passively identifies interested patients.


Full customization of your whole site including booking page, logo, vaccine schedule, expiry length of booking links, waitlists and more.


Offer more pharmacy services in one platform including prescription refills, transfers, COVID-19 testing, vaccines, pharmacy consultations, genetic testing in one workflow.

OPA Members Discount

OPA members receive $10 off monthly when signing up with MedEssist’s Vaccinations & Patient Relationship Management Platform. Use promo code OPAME75


Take back control of your pharmacy!

Features of the Patient Relationship
Management Platform :

Pay Per Booking

$ 10 per month + 50¢/booking

Unlimited Use

$85 $ 75 per month
Use the promo code OPAME75 to receive a $10 discount on the monthly fee.

Designed by pharmacists for pharmacists

Visit www.MedEssist.ca to learn how you can take back control of your pharmacy!

Onboarding walkthrough for OPA members

This step-by-step guide will provide information on pricing, how to sign up, and take advantage of the OPA exclusive offer!