The following resources contain information for pharmacy professionals to assist you with providing care to your LGBTQ+ patients:

Providing LGBTQ-Inclusive Care and Services at Your Pharmacy (HRC Foundation):
Contains preferred language, outlines issues facing the LGBTQ community, and tips on how you can create a more welcoming pharmacy environment for LGBTQ patients.

World Professional Association for Transgender Health:
Outlines standards of care, criteria for treatment, information regarding follow-up, and more.

Providing Inclusive Services and Care for LGBT People (National LGBT Health Education Centre):
Provides background information, an overview of strategies for healthcare staff to create a more inclusive environment, and useful resources.

The following resources contain information about services and programs to help support LGBTQ+ patients:

Sex Reassignment Surgery information:
This webpage outlines the requirements for OHIP-funded sex reassignment surgery and includes forms which the healthcare provider is required to complete.

OHIP Schedule of Benefits – Appendix D:
This document outlines which services are insured and which are not, as well as criteria for coverage.,0,48

Gender Identity Clinic (CAMH):
A program which may be useful for individuals (over 18 years of age) wishing to explore their gender identity and receive mental health support and treatment. This program requires physician referral.

Northern Travel Grants:
This webpage contains information about a travel grant program which can assist in covering travel and accommodation costs for eligible patients who need to travel for treatment.