This webinar provided an overview of how pharmacy technicians and pharmacists can collaborate on the technical and therapeutic roles of diabetes management to provide the best patient care. Maggie Norrad, a Registered Pharmacy Technician outlined the various roles a pharmacy technician can perform such as assisting patients with selecting a glucose meter, flagging suitable patients for MedsChecks, and helping the pharmacist with creating a patient care plan. Shane Nirula, a pharmacist, provided a brief refresher on diabetes management in addition to example patient cases and practical management that you can utilize in your workflow.


This educational event is a part of the commemoration of 100 Years of Insulin discovery and is brought to you by Ascensia Diabetes Care and BD. View additional resources and learn more at

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Maggie Norrad graduated from the pharmacy technician program at Fleming College in 2013 and has been registered with OCP since July 2014. She currently works at Costco Pharmacy and has been with the company since 2013. In addition, she has been teaching various courses at Fleming College since 2017. Her courses include compounding, retail dispensing, comprehensive exam, sterile preparation, and pharmacy software fundamentals.

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Shane Nirula is a 2017 PharmD graduate from the University Toronto and is currently the Pharmacy Manager at Costco Pharmacy in Peterborough. Shane enjoys being involved with teaching and is a Clinical Instructor for Professional Practice Labs for 1st and 2nd year PharmD students, as well as one of the Course Coordinators for the International Graduate Program labs. Shane also likes to explore various hobbies, one of which is programming. This has led him to develop a startup known as Pharmacy Connect, an app that allows pharmacies across Ontario an inventory sharing platform to resolve backorder issues and offload excess inventory.