June 3, 2019 (CORNWALL) – The Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) has recognized Darlene Guindon as Pharmacy Technician of the Year. She was the first registered pharmacy technician in the Cornwall Area and practices at Medical Arts Pharmacy. The award will be presented at Pharmacy Experience Pharmacie (PxP) 2019 – a joint conference hosted by OPA and the Canadian Pharmacists Association in Toronto from June 3-5, 2019.

“The Pharmacy Technician of the Year Award goes to an individual who has taken an active approach in advancing the role of pharmacy technicians through their work with pharmacy team members, patients and the community,” said Bill Wilson, Interim CEO of OPA. “Darlene takes responsibility for her clinic’s sterile compounding lab, works with specialists to offer a spasticity clinic for clients, and is a liaison with community and hospital mental health teams and various other external patient care groups. Her above and beyond approach to her work makes her a deserving recipient of this award.”

Guindon has shown further commitment to her field by withstanding industry changes and remaining dedicated to her work as a pharmacy technician.

“I was ready for the challenge of being one of the first recipients of the registered pharmacy technician designation and helping to pioneer the way through the changes in the pharmacy profession,” shared Darlene. “I felt that the future of pharmacy was changing and I as a pharmacy technician could be a vital part of that progression.”

Guindon continues to be a part of that progression by sharing her knowledge and expertise with students working towards becoming pharmacy technicians. She mentors and conducts Preceptorship Training for pharmacy technician students with the Ontario College of Pharmacists and also sits on the Board of Advisors for the Pharmacy Assistant Program at Elegance College in Cornwall. Her willingness to help others, alongside her selfless attitude, allow her to continue making a positive impact on the role of pharmacy technicians throughout Ontario.

OPA’s Annual Awards Ceremony recognizes and acknowledges the significant contributions that are being made by individuals in the pharmaceutical industry throughout Ontario.

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