McCarthy 2020

The Exceptional Achievement in Research and Academia Award 2021 is offered to a pharmacist who has committed significant time and effort to advance the profession through academic research and development or has devoted time to expanding their individual practice through continuing education. 


Lisa has 18 years of clinical experience caring for people in ambulatory settings including community pharmacies, interprofessional primary care teams, and general internal medicine clinics. She is known for generating outstanding new research, grant proposals, and leading various research teams.

Excelling in leadership roles both at national and provincial levels she recently participated as the Chair of the Canadian Pharmacists Association’s Knowledge to Practice Advisory Circle, Co-Chair of the Ontario Health Medication Safety Standards Advisory, and as an executive member of Ontario Pharmacy Evidence Network (OPEN). Widely sought after, Lisa has many international researchers seeking her out for collaboration as she is also a member of an international investigator cohort with the United States Deprescribing Research Network.  


In addition to leading the development of an international Prescribing Cascade Special Interest Group with colleagues in the US, Netherlands, and Ireland, Lisa has also contributed to the development of the English Deprescribing Network. As a mentor, research supervisor, and associate professor, Lisa is passionate about research and education, and many of her students have gone on to publish their own research. Her wide-reaching innovative research and commitment to improving pharmacy practice, medication experiences and reducing medication-related harm for patients, is evident through her tremendous contributions to academia and practice. Furthermore, she has been honoured with numerous awards including the Canadian Pharmacists Journal.  Best Paper of 2019, for “Pharmacy in the 21st Century: Enhancing the impact of the profession of pharmacy on people’s lives in the context of health care trends, evidence and policies.” Lisa holds a MSc from McMaster University and a PharmD and BScPhm from University of Toronto.