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2021 – 2024 Board of Directors Election

The Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) is committed to evolving the pharmacy profession and advocating for excellence in practice and patient care. OPA’s Board of Directors is made up of 14 directors and one observer that includes representatives from Central Ontario (Metro Toronto and Postal Code L), Eastern Ontario, Western Ontario and Northern Ontario. The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected by the Board of Directors from among the various voting representatives.

Dean Miller, Past Chair

Jen Baker, Current Chair

Duties of the Board

The Board is charged, on behalf of its members, with the responsible oversight of OPA and, as such, is the highest decision-making authority within the organization. This responsibility of the Board consists primarily of:

  • The duty to steward and oversee, and provide strategic guidance to the CEO
  • Oversight of the execution of the strategic plan and governance policies
  • Decision-making capacity over areas of the Association strategy, including but not limited to, approval of the organizational operating budget

Note that once elected to the Board, the Director has a fiduciary duty to act without conflict, honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the OPA in its entirety.

Election Dates

Elections are held each year. To ensure continuity, districts with 2 seats each (District L1 and L2, and District M1 and M2) will stagger elections and the following timelines will apply:

Central ON (L1)AGM 2020 and every 3rd year after that *due deferral of this election, the term will begin October 13, 2020
Eastern ON (K), Northern ON (P), Central ON (L2/M1)AGM 2021 and every 3rd year after that
Central ON (M2)AGM 2022 and every 3rd year after that
Western ON (N)AGM 2023 and every 3rd year after that

Mike Cavanagh, Past Chair

Election and Related Documents

General Information for Voters

  • Eligible voters will receive an email from BigPulse starting Thursday, April 22, 2021, which will provide access to an online ballot.
  • Voters may access the ballot from desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Each voter can only vote once. Once a ballot is submitted, the vote may not be changed. Voters will receive an email confirmation from BigPulse confirming your vote has been received.
  • Votes may be submitted until 5:00 pm on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, after which, the online voting system will close.
Technical Advice
  • Emails from BigPulse should be delivered to your inbox. Check your Junk or Spam folder to ensure they are not misplaced. We advise adding BigPulse as a safe sender in advance by adding to your safe sender list. Please check with your email service provider if you require additional assistance.

We partner with BigPulse, a secure online voting system to administer Board elections. Votes are administered and tabulated through BigPulse’s computer system. The process maintains the highest standards for security and accuracy. The voting system is maintained by BigPulse and is independent of OPA.

If you have questions, email [email protected].

Acclaimed Board Members

To be ratified at the 2021 AGM.

Eastern Ontario District

Postal Code K

Andrew Hamilton

Metro Toronto District

Postal Code M

Michael Cheung

Northern Ontario District

Postal Code P

Janet McCutchon

District L – Candidates Overview 

Faizan Baig Headshot

Faizan Baig

Jaspreet Chager Headshot

Jaspreet Chager

Aska Patel Headshot

Aska Patel