Cybersecurity Insurance

OPA’s compounding pharmacy insurance offers a comprehensive and flexible program to protect your general property and operations from increased product liability exposures.

What is Cybersecurity Insurance?

Cyber attacks targeting pharmacies and health care providers are becoming more commonplace as they house sensitive data and valuable information about patients. As pharmacies use digital information systems and incorporate more virtual care practices it’s critical to exercise caution and take initiative to protect personal health information. A cyber attack can be devastating for pharmacy operations, patient services and your reputation. Cyber insurance is your first line of defence against cyber criminals. Cyber insurance helps to minimize the risk of loss, protect your assets, and help your business survive a malicious attack. Cyber insurance policies provide immediate expert assistance to help identify, manage and stop attacks. Policies can also absorb some of the costs to keep your business running if a cyber attack were to occur in your pharmacy. 

To learn how the OPA store insurance program and a supplementary cyber insurance policy can provide you with access to resources and experts to help you mitigate loss from a cybersecurity incident and gives you peace of mind contact us at [email protected] or 416-441-0788 option 2.