Critical Illness Insurance

Protect yourself and your family from the significant and often long-term financial hardship that can result from surviving a major illness.

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance gives you an opportunity to provide for your future and that of your family by protecting you against potentially devastating financial hardship. A smart investment, critical illness provides coverage for everyday living expenses and gives you control to make meaningful decisions about your recovery. The payment is provided in a lump sum amount, allowing you the flexibility to allocate the benefit payment so you can focus on recovery rather than finances during a challenging time. Critical illness insurance is paid independently of any other benefits or your ability to work. This coverage complements long term disability and life insurance by providing a financial safety net used to offset the added expenses of a serious medical condition. 

Highlights of Benefits:

  • Payment is provided in a single lump sum amount, giving you the flexibility to allocate the benefit payment as you see fit 
  • Coverage is available up to $100,000 for Desjardins and $250,000 for Manulife  
  • Financial protection for yourself, your family and your dependents
  • Competitive and affordable group rates
  • Select coverage from leading providers, Manulife OR Desjardins 

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