Compounding Store Insurance

OPA’s compounding pharmacy insurance offers a comprehensive and flexible program to protect your general property and operations from increased product liability exposures.

There are inherent increased risks with providing compounding services, therefore compounding pharmacies should carry entity professional liability, to protect their operating entity against professional liability claims. The majority of all individual professional liability policies will only protect the individual named on the policy, and not the operating entity itself. OPA’s commercial pharmacy/store program includes entity professional liability coverage so you can ensure you are securely protected.

With compounding, there is product liability exposure (since the drug is being produced at the individual pharmacy location). In addition, compounding pharmacies typically have a higher valued inventory level and invest in more advanced specialized equipment. As many of the compounding drugs will be stored in refrigerators, external monitoring including temperature sensitive alarms and backup generators will be required. Operators of compounding pharmacies should keep a detailed list of their inventory and equipment and keep their insurance broker informed of changes at their facilities to make sure their property coverage is up to date. This should include coverage for spoilage in the event of a power loss. Many insurers will also look for compounding pharmacies to install more advanced security systems to prevent break-in losses.

Coverage and Benefits

In addition to offering a flexible way to protect your compounding operations and property in one seamless package, OPA’s compounding store plan provides superior value to owners by also including:

Broad form property and equipment breakdown coverage

Comprehensive employee fidelity/crime coverage

Substantial limits for stock spoilage due to refrigeration breakdown

General liability and entity professional liability (to protect business entity in the event of a malpractice claim)

Competitive premiums

Protects operations against product liability

Professional, personalized and flexible service

Property and equipment breakdown coverage

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