This meeting was held via Zoom. 


OPA’s Board and Senior Leadership Team are working collaboratively to achieve the Association’s vision for growth and advocacy efforts while serving the needs of members and their respective communities. As a pledge to improve communications and increase transparency, we are distributing updates of our board meetings. The following is a summary of the topics discussed in the May 12th board meeting.


Update from the Mandate and Governance Working Group

The Board received an update from the Mandate and Governance Working Group, which held its first meeting in early April to discuss the Association’s mandate. There was consensus among the Working Group members to consider a model where the focus is on the individual pharmacy professional, without excluding pharmacists and managers who operated and practiced under other models. This will address the gap in representation within the pharmacy sector and will provide an opportunity for the Association to be the lead organization while avoiding duplication with other associations. There was recognition that considerable work will need to be done before a decision can be made.



The Board considered and approved several recommendations made by the Governance and Nominating Committee (GNC), all of which were a result of GNC’s focus of streamlining processes and to build efficiencies as much as possible.


Long-Term Care Working Group – This Group will be paused for the 2021-2022 Board year and will be re-evaluated in a year’s time. In the meantime, the Long-Term Care Task Force, which was established in late 2020, continues to provide guidance on issues related to long-term care.


Student Advisory Council – Similarly, the Student Chapters and the Student Advisory Council (SAC) objectives were reviewed and to improve efficiency, avoid duplication, and allow for more students to be directly involved in the decision-making process, the two Student Chapter groups will be merged into a single Student Advisory Council, under revised Terms of Reference. 


Software Vendors Working Group – Also with the objective of improving efficiencies and avoiding duplication, this Working Group will replace the much larger Joint eHealth/PPMS Task Force, which will now be decommissioned.


Insurance Committee – The Insurance Committee will be restructured through an ad-hoc working group to enhance the oversight function into the Audit and Finance Committee (AFC). The formation of this new governance/oversight working group under AFC will allow for better utilization of staff expertise while aligning the OPA Insurance business unit risks with that of the organization. This structure will allow the Board to become involved in strategic discussions and perform its fiduciary duty of providing oversight, in both current plans as well as growth opportunities, and the inherent risks related to both.


In addition to approving changes to the Committees/Working Groups, the Board also approved a Policy on Observer/Invited Guest Attendance at Board or Committee Meetings and revisions to the Code of Conduct/Anti-Harassment and Violence Policy.


CEO Update

In addition to ensuring that the Board meets its governance responsibilities, a key part of the CEO’s role is to support the Board in its strategic plan development and implementation. At the May 12th Board meeting, CEO Justin Bates updated the Board on the primary initiatives underway at the Association which include alignment of human resources and skills sets to the new organizational structure, development of a comprehensive business plan for revenue growth, and diversification and the ongoing advocacy-related activities respecting COVID-19 testing and vaccine rollout. The Association is continuing the advocacy for implementation with fair reimbursement of common ailments assessment and treatment in addition to expanding the adult and childhood immunization program. A particular focus is being placed on the mental health and well-being of the profession especially due to the toll of the pandemic and risk of burnout.