Protect yourself and your family from the significant and often long-term financial hardship that can result from surviving a major illness.

The critical illness insurance provides coverage for everyday living expenses and gives you the independence to make meaningful decisions about your physical and financial recovery. The payment is provided in a lump sum amount, giving you the flexibility to allocate the benefit payment as you see fit during a challenging time.

The critical illness benefit will only be paid once during the participant’s lifetime, regardless of the number or frequency of other critical illnesses. Critical illness insurance does not replace long term disability insurance, but it is a helpful addition to it as part of a sound financial plan.

When you choose OPA insurance, you are getting a program developed for pharmacists, by pharmacists. Our program is managed and underwritten by reputable insurers, and administered and overseen by the Ontario Pharmacists Association, so you receive personalized service from us. If you have questions about your coverage or if you ever need to make a claim, we’re here to help.

Coverage and Benefits

OPA has a licensed insurance representative that works on your behalf, to ensure you receive the best coverage for you and your family.


Financial security for family and dependents 


Critical illness insurance is paid independent of any other benefits or your ability to work. This coverage complements long term disability and life insurance by providing a financial safety net used to offset the added expenses of a serious medical condition.


The Ontario Pharmacists Association takes great pride in providing the pharmacy profession with best-in-class insurance coverage. OPA insurance plans are created by pharmacists for pharmacists – and OPA’s insurance committee is comprised of OPA staff, pharmacy professionals and independent consultants who carefully work with our insurance providers to design member coverage.


Comprehensive coverage


Personalized and customizable


Developed for pharmacists, by pharmacists



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